Grace Church Brockley is committed to making the good news of Jesus known around the world. We support mission partners around the globe.

Terry and Hanka

Serving with Josiah Venture in Central and Eastern Europe

Terry and Hanka live in Ostrava in the Czech Republic with their two children.  They have spent over 20 years reaching out to young people in the Czech Republic, and later across many surrounding countries, using music and performing arts to help share the gospel message. They are part of the mission organisation, Josiah Ventures where Terry is now head of training. He is passionate about equipping people to be leaders and trainers in evangelism and discipleship, so they in turn can help equip others in local churches.  Hanka is a popular high school teacher, which is how she is able to ensure they stay up-to-date with changes in youth culture. Read more about their work with Josiah Venture here.

Both Terry and Hana are actively involved in a local Czech church plant where they serve on the leadership team and oversee the youth ministry.

Brada and Yatza

Serving in Novi Sad, Serbia

Brada is minister of a church plant in Novi Sad dedicated to reaching those who have never heard the gospel and to equipping church members to serve God.  Brada and Yatza have two children and are supported by Crosslinks. You can read more about Grace Church Novi Sad and can access Brada’s prayer letters via the Crosslinks website.

Family in the Middle East

Our mission partner family are working as church planters in the Middle East. The area is little touched by the good news of Jesus and local believers often suffer persecution for their faith (the reason why we cannot publish their names here). The family we support is part of a small team living and sharing the good news of Jesus in their neighbourhood and with their colleagues.

PIP and Caleb

Sharing the Gospel in Central Asia

Pip and Caleb are also working in an area of the world where local christians are persecuted for their faith. Caleb works at one of the local clinics as part of the medical team, which includes some local believers as well as others who are not christian.  Pip is a busy mum, looking after a young family and using opportunities to get to know local women.  Together with other christians in the area, Pip and Caleb share their lives and their faith with colleagues and neighbours, using the opportunities God provides to bring encouragement and to tell of the hope they have in Jesus.

Rachael and Berni

Serving with Crosslinks in Uganda

Rachael works with Word of Life, Uganda, to help train up the next generation of children and young people and to encourage and equip women and youth leaders to live for Christ. Berni and Rachael both lead small group Bible studies, help run the local Sunday School (50 – 70 children!), teach at conferences and are involved in 1:1 discipleship. Excitingly, Berni has been offered a place at Oak Hill Training College from September 2023, so life will involve many changes over the coming months.